Recoleta Cemetery.

At the very end of a ridiculously short business trip to Buenos Aires a couple of years ago (maybe 2003?) I found myself wandering for a couple hours around this extraordinary cemetery. It's more like a city within a a city, with planned grid of street-like walkways, mausoleums of all shapes sizes, ages, states of repair, etc... There's also a resident population of cats that act as if they own the place and merely tolerate visitors.

Since I was travelling as lightly as possible to avoid checking baggage, So I only brought a 35mm Lomo camera alone for the trip. One of the rolls I took was a complete loss, which is a shame. But that's sort of the risk I've come to accept when using those cameras. But the two rolls of black and white I used in the cemetery yielded 48 shots, including some that have that "just a little bit off" edge that keep me using such an unpredictable camera.

Some groupings of shots I like from the series are linked below. Please note that I did crop, resize and adjust the contrast on these images using the Gimp. But no other digital adjustments were made.