"Not another Howard Hughes conspiracy theory!", you say, "Hasn't that dead horse been thouroughly beaten?"

"Wait... This one is way special.", I snort with glazed eyes.

For whatever reason, I received the following e-mail from a "postmaster" that thought I'd appreciate it. I do of course, and thoughts I'd share this revelation with the rest of you.

If reading this triggers a repressed memory of what really happened to Howard, please drop a note to lemat@nihilon.com and give us the details. Oh, and a big hug to Stefan, whoever and whereever he is.
Subject:   Howard Robard Hughes

No response required. Theory on Howard Robard Hughes. Murdered 1954. Among witnesses were at least three young children. One male child helped kill him after charging that he was sodomized by Hughes. That male child was sequestered until a later age when he was given Hughes stolen I.D. and brainwashed with everything about Hughes life. Frauds were substituted for Howard Robard Hughes from his real death in approximately 1954 until his "death." Suspect they were Hollywood plants. His death was by means of the Scottish Maiden.

From what I've read of Howard Robard Hughes, this scenario makes as much sense as anything written! You can kill the flesh, you can steal I.D., but you can never steal the God given abilities with which Mr. Hughes was born. There can be no game if there are no players......and I don't play! Do you know Stefan?

One ringy-dingy