Chris: hey there. I think I figured out the secret random thought generator; check out these Alternative Dhalsims lines, now in Babelfish!
"Wait, wait, wait!", you say, "Just what the hell is this?"

"Beats me!", I respond with a shrug...

Someone I've never heard of e-mail'd this revelation my way. I'm passing it on on the hope of spreading joy and enlightenment to all the Chris-folk around the world! :) Since I'm not Chris, that might be why I don't get it?

If you get it, please drop a note to, especially if you are named Chris!
(Babel Dhalsim Secret)
He started with a sword in his hand
then the brother fell to died from the lamb
at the time entering the room with the stone,
three miniatures were armed with a stick and a bone!
Diggins damnÚs by God, patient
we removed the eyes and the sperm of the lord
of the son of Jesus of a god of saver of lord and his sword
they were struck in function by Mary and Mose
Mose is the type with the nose of waste.
(Original lyrics)
It started with a sword in his hand
Then the brother fell to the death of the lamb
upon entering the room with the stone
three midgets were armed with a stick and a bone!
God-damned diggins.. sick of the...
We took out the eyes and the semen of lord
Lord savior god, jesus son and his sword
they were stricken on by Mary and Mose
Mose is the guy with the roughage nose.

Looking for enlightenment? Go ahead, it's delicious, and you know you're tempted to learn the truth... :)

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