I'm not afraid to bite something this guy put in his mouth. :) Someone (about 6 links back) started this survey posting and I couldn't resist jumping on.

I see: on ocassion, how things would look photographed and viewed out of context (I like when that happens)
I need: a creative outlet
I find: this particular moment in history rather harsh and somewhat bleak
I want: to be content
I have: wonderful, supportive people in my life
I wish: they will all stay (or become then stay) happy
I love: you, you love me... gack! too purple... Lucy? Ricky? no... alright then, Astro Boy because his squeaky feet were too cool
I hate: Scooby Doo for some reason(?) but love other cartoons
I miss: Alabama promise to fullfill my duties to the teens of this nation etc...
I fear: we're well on our way to destroying the planet's environment (to pick one fear from a hat)
I feel: relieved yet somewhat exhausted lately
I hear: the same things everyone else does, and pay attention most times
I smell: nothing right now
I crave: hmmm... well I just don't crave anything, probably due to the exhaustion
I search: relentlessly when motivated and tend to find what I'm looking for
I wonder: whenever I get the chance, it's theraputic for me
I regret: that's a dangerous door to open, so we'll just move right along!

When was the last time you...
Smiled: today
Laughed: today (little laugh not a big one that makes your sides ache)
Cried: a couple of years ago, I can't remember exactly when
Bought something: today, dinner in fact
Danced: a very, very long time ago
Were sarcastic: it's like breathing, by the time you figure out when you did it last I've done it again
Kissed someone: today
Talked to an ex: 1985 I think?
Watched your favorite movie: I have several, but haven't revisited them in years
Had a nightmare: I sleep so deeply that even when I do wake up and remember a dream if fades away within minutes

Last book you read: I'm pretty sure is was something technical, boring and work related (bleck!)
Last movie you saw: Thomas in Love, you should see it too
Last song you heard: it was either "Wave" by the Darling Buds or "Birthday" by the Sugarcubes, from a mix tape I made eons ago and just found
Last thing you had to drink: water
Last time you showered: today
Last thing you ate: an orange

Smoke: nope
Do drugs: no
Have sex: yes
Sleep with stuffed animals: never did
Live in the moment: for the most part
Had a dream that keeps coming back: who knows? Remember, I don't remember them...
Play an instrument: not anymore, I might start soon
Believe there is life on other planets: of course
Remember your first love: no, but I could probably drag back that memory if I thought about it enough
Still love him/her: maybe, depends on who is was!
Read the newspaper: rarely
Have any gay or lesbian friends: yes
Believe in miracles: not the way most people define "miracles"
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others: yes
Consider love a mistake: no, that's too simple
Like the taste of alcohol: alcohol doens't tastes like anything (to be picky...)
Have a favorite candy: always have a couple faves, but they change from time to time
Believe in astrology: no but I play along anyway just for kicks
Believe in God: not with a capital "G", again it's too simple
Believe in magic: sort-a kind-a if you allow the definitions to get fuzzy
Pray: what the hell? I can't imagine when I would, but there's no harm in keeping it in the arsenal
Go to church: no, it doesn't work for me
Have any pets: not at the moment
Talk to strangers who IM you: it hasn't happened in years, but probably yes
Wear hats: only in freezing weather, and then only sometimes
Have any piercings: no
Have any tattoos: no
Hate yourself: no, too simple again...
Have an obsession: probably not
Have a secret crush: nope
Collect anything: yes
Have a best friend: yes, but not the way I used to
Wish on stars: no, if I have a wish I won't wait for a star, just wish immediately!
Like your handwriting: yeah, but only as art, since it's impossible to read
Have any bad habits: of course
Care about looks: yes, but not that much
Believe in witches: yes, again allowing for some fuzzy definitions
Believe in Satan: no, it's too simple again
Believe in ghosts: sure, fuzzy ones (like with witches and magic)